Skiing at Liberty Mountain Resort

After 5 years, I was finally able to find the time (and the motivation) to go skiing again. I went up to Liberty Mountain Resort with a couple friends and they all snowboard, except me. 


I decided to take the Learn to Ski Package, since my ability was pretty limited. This package gives you a lesson in skiing, gives access to two lifts and two slopes, and allows you to rent their equipment if you don't have any, all for $108. 


After the lesson, I slowly remembered how to ski and I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Soon enough I was bored with the only two slopes, so I decided to pay another $22 to get access to the third lift that had access to 4 more slopes.


I only went on the green ones, but my friends decided to go on a blue one, which simply glanced at and immediately said no. I wasn't that skilled. I decided to share one of my rougher moments while skiing, because it's quite amusing, and just to show even though I was able to crash into the net, I still had an amazing time!