Oahu from Above

Adventure Tour with Magnum Helicopters

We were lucky to visit Honolulu for few days and I decided to take the most adventurous tour Honolulu can offer, No Door Helicopter ride above the Oahu Island. Being a travel photographer, different perspective is always rewording with some amazing and breathtaking views.


Magnum Helicopters from Honolulu Airport, were the one if the few tour operators in the Oahu, offering no door helicopter ride above the island of Oahu. So, I made a decision to try this famous tour, and for $249 you will get a seat in a fairly small MD-500 helicopter. The booking is very easy via their web site Magnum Heli web site. They offer flights starting 8am and last one at 4pm. There are 4 seats at the helicopter, 2 next to pilot (prime seats for $279) and 2 in the back ($249). The order of seating will be determine due to weight distribution. So, the best seat will be the one behind the pilot as that seat offers the 100% best views of the island.


Unfortunately, I was seated on the seat 4, diagonally from the pilot, which offered not so spectacular views, and mostly I end up seeing the vast blue ocean. The flight was very smooth, as there was little to no turbulence in the air on that day. The trill of heaving no doors added to the whole experience of the 45 minute flight.


The route is always heading east from the airport, heading towards Waikiki, Diamond Head, Koko Crater and Hanauma Bay, and heading north towards North Shore. You will pass above Kaneohe Bay, Turtle Beach, Shark’s Cove, and many other sandy beaches along the East Coast.


The Adventure Tour is worth $249 as it is a perfect way to see the island from a different perspective. Not for people afraid of heights as the flight is bit scary.