We somehow decided to visit Trencin, even though we were all exhausted right after the Pohoda Festival, but the thought of having some ice cream before the drive back to Bratislava kept us moving. This medieval town has a famous castle overlooking the small, colorful town. 


To give you some history of Trencin, it had a frequent change of power and survived many wars. The oldest part of Trencin, is an inscription below the castle which dates back to 179 AD, from the Marcomannic Wars. Surprisingly, during World War II, when Nazi Germany occupied Slovakia, Trencin became the headquarters for the Gestapo and the SS. 


We decided to walk up towards the famous castle, only to get in front of the gates to realize it closed a half an hour ago. Although, we were pretty mad that we walked up all those steps for nothing, we were still rewarded with some nice views of the town and beyond. We didn't have too much time (we only stayed for a couple of hours) but there were plenty of restaurants and shops to keep people busy in this town. It had charm and I truly wished we stayed the night. 


Since we had a long night at the Pohoda Festival, we got tired of walking fairly quickly, and we stopped by the most adorable cafe ever called Kuki. Coffee, tea, and smoothies were drunk in the matter of seconds. 

As you can see stopping by the cafe put us all in good spirits after the long day!