If you happen to go to Bratislava in the beginning on July, you will see posters all over the town of their most popular music festival, Pohoda. The tickets are usually 100 euros, but if you look earlier in the year, you can find them for much cheaper. The festival is two and a half days long, and since Bratislava is an hour and a half drive away, most people bring tents and stay at the festival, instead of driving back everyday. This festival is for all ages, ages from 2 to 80 years. The festival has games, food stands, and of course stages all around. It usually starts on Thursday night and everyone packs up their things Sunday morning.


Usually everyone wakes up cranky around 7 AM when the sun comes out. Then some get breakfast and coffee while others get beer. Bands usually start playing around noon, so that gives everyone time to relax and sleep some more, before the concert start. If you are too restless to just lay around and wait, start walking around. If you aren't hungry there are bookstores, clothing stands,  and game stands. 


This year, the tickets were sold out, and there were about 30,000 people at the festival. So the main stage, where most of the popular artists preform, becomes packed, and if you really like a certain artist, coming 30 minutes before their show starts allows you to be closer to the front. This year The Chemical Brothers, Rodriguez, LP, Little Dragons, and Blossoms all preformed on the main stage.