I was very skeptical when I decided to go to Bratislava. I got comments from all different people how there is nothing to see and how it is too small to spend  almost five days in Slovakia, and I kept wondering how bad can one city be for tons of Europeans to  sway me the other way. Nevertheless I arrived in Vienna Airport and then drove 45 kilometers to get to Bratislava. Oh boy how they were wrong. 


Pink, yellow, blue, and green buildings was all I could see for the next couple of minutes. Everywhere I turned I could see a small cafe, ice cream shop, and a chic boutique. I was stunned by how wrong they were about Bratislava, it couldn't have been further from the truth. The only tricky thing was, the city was completely empty. It was 11’ o clock, and there were barely any people on the street. Later we found out that it was actually a national holiday celebrating Cirilo Metodije. Although it felt a bit creepy that there was no one there, at least that meant our pictures would be better!


I was soon told to look down while I walked, and once I did, I noticed these metal circle with a crown in the middle that were in the ground. Apparently, this crowns lead up to the Bratislava Castle, which was next on our list of things to see. As we walked up toward the castle, we had the Most SNP in our sights. Beware there is a lot of climbing up to the Castle, and if you chose to see it during the hottest part of the day, I suggest bring water and sunscreen. 


Finally when we got to the castle, we went straight to its newly renovated garden. By far the most royal and elegant garden I have ever witnessed with my own two eyes. Small white statues and white washed walls surrounded by pink and yellow roses.


After the Bratislava Castle, we decided to eat lunch at the Mondieu. This French cafe had a amazing food, and I extremely recommend eating her for any meal, not just lunch. 


After lunch we kept walking around a bit, until we got tired and decided to head back to our apartment to start packing for the Pohoda Music Festival. This music festival is right next to a medieval town called Trencin, which we also wanted to explore later on in the week.