The Holy Trinity of Art, Religion and Wine -- One Day Excursion from Belgrade

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So you have seen the museums, tried all local restaurants, in the summer went to Ada Ciganlija every single day, but you are kind of bored of it by now? It is a perfect time to do a short excursions from Belgrade where you can see and experience something new, and still be back in Belgrade in time to hit your favorite night clubs..

Travel Adventure Gurus and BTA Travel Agency have partnered up to offer you some of the best day time excursions from Belgrade.  The first one we propose is a one day visit to the Museum of Sava Sumanovic in Sid (pronounced Sheed), followed by the visit to Monastery Sisevac, ending with wine tasting at the Erdevik winery. We are organizing the transportation so you don't have to worry about driving after all that fabulous wine. 

We did this tour in April 2018, leaving Belgrade around 8am. Sid is approximately 1.5 hours from Belgrade so we were at the Sava Sumanovic Museum by 10am. This museum/gallery is perfect size and we were met by the guide who told us interesting information not only about the painter himself  but also about his style, different influences, how he went from the nudes to scenery, etc. The museum also has a wonderful gift shop where you can buy excellent oil reproductions of some of his paintings, ranging from $25-$100. In addition to this gallery, one can visit Sumanovic's family house and another museum featuring local naive painters. 



Following the art gallery we went to Monastery Sisatovac (Shee-sha-tovatz), a lovely little monastery dating back to the 16th century. This monastery also has a winery with a very clever name- Chichateu. We tried a lovely dry rose (Pink Punk) as an aperitif before heading out to Erdevik winery for some food and more wine tasting. 

Our last stop was the Erdevik Winery where we had the chance to tour the winery and also do some wonderful wine tasting. We saw the current production line, and also visited the old cellar with wonderful big barrels that nowadays mainly serve to highlight the interesting history of this place. The wine tasting included samples of white wine, rose, and red wine, and was accompanied by a delicious lunch. You can also ask for just a charcuterie and/or cheese plate. As for the wines we tasted, we loved Bella Novela and Omnibus Lector the most, and each of us bought few bottles that are now waiting for a special occasion.  

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