Learn how to make dumplings, eat hot pot and enjoy the amazing architecture in one of the most populated cities in the world.  With history that dates back 3000 years it is difficult to decide what to prioritize when pressed for time. Read more


Try to go during the cherry blossom season. But even if you miss it, there are many other things that will make you fall in love with Tokyo, bean paste dessert wrapped in grape vine being one of them. Read more


One night in Bangkok is not enough. Despite the somewhat cynical view of the city Murray Head expresses in his signature song, Bangkok remains one of the most sought-after cities in the world. 



Pristine beaches, snorkelling, elephant rides, and the most amazing New Year's festivities in April of which you will ever be a part. This popular destination will be a reason to come back to Thailand. 



Nearby lies a mountain which many have tried to conquer, but only a few have succeeded. Mount Everest continues to capture our imagination, and if you are not an experienced climber or super fit hiker, this is as close you will get to the world's highest peak. 


Explore the temples of the Khmer Kingdom, watch the sun rise over the world famous Angkor Wat, and take a selfie in the Jungle temple. Read more


Finally a place not overrun by tourists. The downside is that when here, in addition to interesting Khmer culture and Angkor statues, you will learn a lot about horrific crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge, something that will always stay with you. Read more

Ha noi

The bustling capital of Viet Nam. Calmer than Saigon, but still extremely exciting. It has a feel of a smaller European city with nice parks and a fun tourist quarter. Plus you can get everywhere by foot.  

Ha long bay

Almost 2,000 limestone monolithic islands make the Ha Long bay one of the most beautiful places in the World. The only catch is that it takes you almost 7 hours in a bus to get here from Hanoi, and it is rarely sunny. Still worth it.  Read more

hoi an

Cute little town in Central Vietnam famous for colorful lanterns that give it a romantic feel. If you are more into adventure than romance, hop on a bicycle to get to the beach sharing the road with cars, scooters and big tourist buses. Read more


Ride along the Perfume River from the Pagoda to the Imperial city to visit this former capital of Vietnam.  Read more.

Ho chi mihn

Vietnam's biggest and busiest city with 12 million people and gazilion motorcycles.