We were lucky enough to have made friends during our Outback camping trip who live in Sydney and who invited us to join them for a wine tasting tour our last day. Absent for this, we would have gone to the famous Sydney beaches, the only thing missing from the regular tourist agenda. But one doesn't reject an offer that comes so rarely - to go experience something most tourists do not get to experience.


First stop was at the Palm Beach where some famous Australian soup opera was being filmed for years, including when we were there.  There is a charming and extremely popular breakfast place nearby which was packed on a workday morning even though the location seemed rather remote.  


Then we continued on through a breathtaking scenery to the Hunter's Valley, and we visited three wine cellars, tasting all possible wines in each one. Tulloch Winery was the best. Comparing the experience with wine tasting in the U.S., it is more relaxing and to our surprise- free. Most of these wineries have a great deal if you live in Australia as they offer you membership at reasonable rates and send you new wines every month.