It seems impossible not to fall in love with Australia, and with Sydney. As you walk around grabbing coffee along the way, you feel like you could fit in well and have a nice life. Not many cities offer that feeling of comfort.  We had 3 full days in Sydney, and this was enough for a short tourist visit. We stayed at Hyatt Regency Sydney at the Darling Harbour. It is a great location and the hotel is amazing.  Try to get a room with a view on the harbor as every Saturday night there is fireworks at the Darling Harbour. 


When you arrive at Sydney airport the first thing you will see is a big board advertising all the things that can kill you on land in Australia. Then the next board proudly presents all the things that can kill you in water. Those of course are the advertisements for the wonderful Australian Museum, not a government warning to the tourists, but you have to appreciate its sense of humor. The train from the airport takes you downtown for app. $13.  

One thing I must mention is that we have never seen as many good looking men like we have seen in Sydney - an observation confirmed by each member of our  family, my husband included. The only surprising thing we noticed is how everything closes relatively early.  The whole vibe of the neighbourhood we stayed in on Friday night at only 10pm was a drunk, after-party feel you usually encounter around 1 or 2am. On Saturday night most restaurants emptied out by 9pm. We were told (but cannot confirm) that it's because Australians love to get up early and spend the day actively.


Sightseeing wise, in addition to Sydney Harbour and all the photos with the Opera and the Bridge in the background, we suggest visiting the Australian MuseumAustralian National Maritime Museum, and if you are there in March/April Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour.  Feel free to skip the Sydney Tower- it is absolutely not worth the $22 per person entrance fee. The view is nothing special and you are basically done in 5 minutes.  For souvenirs, including really nice and cheap hoodies, visit Sydney's Paddy's Market.  In the evening, while sipping on some more bubbly, look up at the sky, see the Southern Cross stars, and gaps the fact that you are in the Southern Hemisphere- it is so exciting for those of us who spend most of our lives in the Northern Hemisphere. If you have some extra time and you like wine, don't miss Wine Tasting at Hunter's Valley.  We chose that over Sydney's famous beaches, and didn't regret it. Came back home with few nice bottles of wine as well, all long gone by now.




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