VIBE cafe + juicery certainly didn't disappoint us. Before going on this trip, I looked around for restaurants and cafes that had good prices and good food, and VIBE popped up. The VIBE is a vegan cafe, with fresh vegetables and juices that make your mouth water just from looking at the menu (or photos below). 


These smoothies were approximately $4.5 each. They have no sugar added, and are completely organic. The white one is called Pure Love and has almonds, bananas, dates, and vanilla. The green one is called the Longevity Smoothie, and contains spinach, kale, bananas, spirulina, and dates. 


This chic cafe has two floors, the top has quite a modern interior where many foreigners eat and drink coffee. Although it is small, it is extremely cozy. For food we got the Live Sandwich which was served with a colorful salad on the side. I myself wanted to try one of their famous bowls, so I decided to get the Arabian Bowl, which had falafel bowls on top. Many people have said their Acai Bowls are very good, but they are only served for breakfast, and since we had free breakfast at our hotel we didn't have the chance to try them.