Grand Barrier Reef Snorkelling Tour

One the main things you will want to do in Port Douglas is go snorkelling and see the disappearing Grand Barrier Reef. We took the Wavedancer Low Isle Cruise. We snorkelled in many countries around the world, but this tour was the most interesting, best organized, and to the extent possible the most environmentally friendly snorkelling tour. We went on WaveDancer Boat, something similar to a Sailboat, and there were around 60 people on this snorkelling tour to Low Isles. There was plenty of room on a boat, and it felt rather intimate.  Because it was jelly fish season we decided to take tour company's advice and rent the lycra wet suit. We felt ridiculous and cool at the same time wearing it.  


The tour was from 8:30 to 4:30, with app. an hour and half of travel each way. It included snorkelling tour, lunch, and tour of the island. Having a marine biologist on board was priceless - he not only explained everything about the Grand Barrier Reef, but also led the snorkelling tour pointing things worth seeing, and giving explanation about different life forms we saw.Although the fish were beautiful, it was the reef itself that was amazing, especially the giant, purple-lips clam. We saw a turtle (in the distance), and saw several sharks from the boat, not more than 50m from where we were snorkelling- a little frightening, but memorable.