A 12th century temple built by our favorite King Jayavarman VII to honor his father (he built so many things in Angkor that we have become attached to him) is located on the site of King's victory over the invading Chams (you can learn more about them if you visit My Son in Vietnam). Like the Ta Prohm temple, Preah Khan has been left largely unrestored, with numerous trees and other vegetation growing among the ruins, which adds to its mysterious charm.


The temple is rectangular in shape and occupies almost 140 acres. The temple complex includes entryways, towers, ceremonial spaces, courtyards, shrines, and connecting corridors. There is also Hall of Dancers and a beautiful relief of apsara dancer. Of course, the trees that hug the ruins are so exciting and create a wonderful opportunity for a selfie. This temple has some hidden magic, and we all absolutely loved it.