Monteverde is located deep in the cloud forest of Costa Rica, and it is considered a Costa Rica's crown jewel for the ecotourism. The small community town is a base camp for the all tourist activities, like hiking, zip lining, animal watching, etc. We stayed in the Monteverde Inn, a fantastic hostel on top of the rain forest, just few miles away from the city center. The hostel offers some amazing views of the Monteverde rolling hills and Pacific Ocean, especially during the sunset. The price per night was $110 for a big family room (4-6 people) with private bathroom and included breakfast. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner too, and has a brick oven for some delicious pizza. However, the aztec soup is to die for, especially after a long day of exploring and hiking.


The hostel is located in the natural preserve area, with access to a cool forest hike, great for a families with children. The guided night tour is free for the hostel guests, where you will explore the amazing nature’s nightlife of the Monteverde (flash lights will be provided, and early sign up is recommended). The Monteverde is located deep in the cloud forest, so rain and high winds are very common throughout the year, so dress accordingly. Hiking waterproof gear is highly recommended.


The Original Canopy tour, is the most adrenalin-rush zip-lining we experienced. For $45 per person, you will zip line above the tree line with some amazing and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. There are 10 lines ranging up to 800m long, that spread above the rain forest and between rolling hills and valley of Monteverde. You will be standing on a small platforms 60m above the ground, swinging due to the year-round high winds. The winds are very common in Monteverde, so do not be alarmed if the trees are swinging back and forth with you on top of it. This is an ABSOLUTE RUSH, and MUST be on your bucket list.


After the 3 hours of ultimate adrenaline rush, we went to more relaxing tourist trap, Selvatura park. We decided to take the 2km long hanging bridges walk through the rain forest. The park is probably the main tourist attraction in Monteverde, so it’s pack with tourists and visitors. It offers everything, from hiking, guided birds watching, zip-lining, and of course the 8 hanging bridges.