Our short visit to Mexico, allowed us to see one of the country’s wealthiest city, Monterrey. It is considered very important industrial and business center in Mexico, as it is a home for many international companies. The city is surrounded by Sierra Madre Oriental, that offers many outdoor activities, within just short drive. The famous Saddle Mountains or Cerro de la Silla, is visible from every part of the city.


We started out Monterrey’s visit with city’s most visited park, Parque Fundidora. The park was founded in late ‘80 after the Old Still Mill (Monterrey Steel Foundry Company) bankrupt, and the park still has few industrial buildings and malting pots as a part of the its main attractions. It also offers walking track, lake, and many playgrounds. Horno 3 is one of the largest museums in Mexico, and one can even ride the actual industrial elevator to the top for some spectacular views. The Fundidora Park is connected to the city’s downtown with a riverwalk, and the 15 min boat ride to Macroplaza. The price is 6o pesos for the return ticket per person (cash only). The nearest ATM machine (Cajero Automatico) is at the nearby Cintermex complex just across the Holiday Inn Hotel. The boat starting (returning) point is at the Paseo Santa Lucia, from where you can see beautiful Saddle Mountain range as a backdrop.


Macroplaza is the city’s main square or plaza, and it is the seventh largest plaza in the World. The square is famous for many grand monuments, pedestrian zones and museums. It features Faro Del Comercio, an 70 meter tall reddish-orange monolith, Palace Museum, Museum of Mexican History, Fuente de Neptuno, and many more. It is surrounded with many State and Municipal buildings and churches, and its south end is located in Barrio Antiguo. Jose Maria Moroles Street is the pedestrian zone with many shops and restaurants, and few souvenirs markets.


Monterrey has a public metro system, but UBER is very inexpensive and very popular way of transportation. There are many tourist attractions outside the city, mostly hiking trails on the surrounding mountains and ridges. Grutas de Garcia, an impressive cave complex just outside the city (40 min away), a great choice for a day trip. Also, Parque Ecoturistico Cola De Caballo in Santiago, just south of Monterrey, is another way to spend the day. This park offers great hiking, waterfalls and many other activities.