Just North of Quito, the imaginary line of Equator passes through a small town, and divides the planet into the north and south hemisphere. The best way to get there is by TAXI and the one way trip is around $20-25, so try to negotiate the price before getting in the cab. 


The complex consists of few buildings that will explain the history of locating the equator, and the whole process of measuring its exact place. The yellow line symbolically marks the equator, but the actual middle of the earth is some 240m north of the proposed location. This discrepancy was calculated with very precise GPS equipment some 250 years after the initial geodesic mission that took place in 1736. 


The Monument to the Equator sits in the middle of this very big complex, with a magnificent views from the top. Visitors are allowed to get to the top with interesting exhibit on the way down. 


When there, you will probably be tempted to taste the roasted Cuy or Guinea Pig- many restaurants in La Mitad del Mundo offer this, so why not give it a shot.  Except, you have to be prepared to eat a rodent with not that much meat on, so to be honest, this is not something I am craving to eat again. These animals are bread in many countries in South America in very clean environments, and although it is safe to eat them, the mere thought of eating something that resembles a rat takes getting used to.  But, be brave, and Bon Appétit!