Guanajuato is the UNESCO world heritage site since 1988. And it well deserves it’s title. This not so small town in central Mexico is economic and cultural center for centuries. It’s narrow streets and alleys, with colorful colonial architecture attracts visitors and tourists from around the World. We had a opportunity to spend half a day in this amazing town, so we decided to take the local walking tour with Estigo Tours. Our host Ray, a Guanajuato born Englishman, took us on a friendly tour of the City Center.


The surrounding hills offer some breathtaking views of the old city center. These vista points are easily accessible by foot, via narrow steep alleys. The old town center has limited cars access due to the very narrow and winding streets, so underground oneway (and very claustrophobic) tunnels are created. The City Center, has lot to offer. Teatro Juarez (operating theater), The Mummies museum, and the Regional Museum of Guanajuato are top tourist attraction and within the walking distance from each other. The steps of the University of Guanajuato are also a great location for some amazing selfies.


The famous legend of Callejón del Beso (Alley of the Kiss) presents the Shakespearean tragedy of forbidden love of a young couple living across from each other. The alleyways are so narrow that couple could reach across and kiss, hence the Alley of the Kiss. This romantic tale draws tourists to the alley and keeps the legend alive.


The Hidalgo market, a covered 1910 meant to be train station, became the main local one-stop shop for food, household goods, hardware, etc. As the project for a train station failed, locals used this architectural marvel for a different, and more practical use.


The most biggest event in Guanajuato is the annual El Cervantino Festival, which take place for 3 weeks in the month of October. This art festival is one of the most popular cultural event in the World, and Canada will be a guest country for 2019 edition.