Glacier Extreme Tour

The Glacier Extreme tour is most adventurous tour in Iceland for people who want to try extreme sports and adrenaline-driven life style. This 7-8 hours tour will take you to some of the most amazing locations on Falljökull glacier in Vatnajökull National Park. Be ready for some extreme excersize during this amazing tour. 


The tour departs from the Skaftafell Visitor's Center (the Glacier Guides Booking Center). There you will receive all the necessary gear for a successful climb. This includes proper ice climbing shoes, straps, helmets and ice pick. All you need is waterproof rain gear as you will get wet due to sudden weather changes- so investing in quality pants and jacket makes sense. It's highly recommended to book the tour way in advance as this tour has limited spots. The price is $190 per person, which includes a professional guide and all the gear that will safely get you up the glacier and back. 


Make sure you bring snacks and water for the whole day or at least the water container that you can fill with pure glacier drinkable water. It can not get purer than the glacier water (trivia: 80% of all water comes from glaciers). Of course, it's wise to bring your camera as well, as you will pass by some amazing scenery. Small and light backpack is great choice for a whole day tour. 


This tour is moderate to difficult (depends on your physical ability and conditioning). The guides will set up all the ropes, and teach you how to use ice-picks and properly and safely ice-climb.