Day three  of the Emu Runs outback tour was set aside for the hike in the King's Canyon. We also woke up super early in effort to get to the top of the Canyon for the sunrise, but as is the case with big groups, you always have to wait for someone, so we missed it, but it was a fun day regardless. 

This is a more pleasant hike than Kata Tjuta, mainly because the rock is solid and there are some enjoyable parts of the hike. It starts with something called Heart Attack Hill - the name says it all- you are climbing natural stairs all the way to the top. Our guide Ken was very relaxed, patient and fun, and didn't push us. I was the last one up, as I had to stop along the way to catch my breath, but everyone patiently waited. Everyone also waited while we were all taking turns to take photos.  We only became aware how lucky we are with our guide when we ran into another group (Adventure Tours) whose guide was constantly yelling at her group, making them hurry up and scolding them if they stopped for too long to take photos or rest. The atmosphere throughout our hike was always fun and relaxing.


Before heading back, we had lunch- camel burgers. Not something I will ever crave again. Our trip back to Alice Springs was rather adventurous and much longer than expected. We had a flat tire- TWICE.  My husband managed to lose his wedding ring after helping our guide change the tire and washing his hands, but now has a great story to  tell about how he lost it in the Outback.

Although we wished we had started the tour in Uluru and saved ourselves 4-5hours bus ride, we were extremely lucky to be able to hold the kangaroos twice on our way back. We ran into two joeys (baby kangaroos). First one was around 4 months old, while the second one was around 2months.  Kangaroo pregnancy is short, around one month, and the joey goes straight to the pouch where it gestates another 4 - 15 months. In the pouch joey is protected, and is nursing on the mother's nipples. 


Kangaroos are often killed on the road in Australia when they cross it at dusk when the visibility is low. If there was a joey in the pouch that survived, there are numerous organisations that are working to save these babies.  People who take care of them must wake up every few hours to feed them, just like with a human baby.  It was such an amazing experience holding them, they are just like babies. 

We finally made it back to our hostel, which now, after sleeping in swags, seemed like a resort to us.